Blue Sky Factory selects PowerMTA for better deliverability

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PRESS RELEASE | Email delivery gateway software market leader Port25 Solutions, Inc. today announced that PowerMTA, its flagship product, has been adopted by Blue Sky Factory, a 2010, 2009, and 2008 Inc. magazine 5000 fastest-growing company and one of the largest US email service providers.

Blue Sky Factory Director of Deliverability Ken Pfeiffer says, “Our clients depend on us to send millions of emails every day, so it’s essential that our gateway provider can seamlessly manage large volumes of email. Port25 consistently delivers, allowing us to focus on our application and customer support.”

One significant feature that motivated Blue Sky Factory to implement PowerMTA was its VirtualMTA technology. VirtualMTAs enable senders and Email Service Providers (ESPs) to dedicate IPs to individual clients – critical for reputation monitoring and better inbox placement rates. The key to the VirtualMTA feature is that the receiving gateway sees the delivering VirtualMTA instance as the specific source of the message. Therefore, as long as the specific IP address of the VirtualMTA is not compromised (blacklisted), the message likely will reach its intended destination. Further, as long as DNS records are in sync with each VirtualMTA configuration, messages will also pass reverse DNS lookups and other email authentication checks. PowerMTA also enables email service providers to easily load-balance traffic across a multi-IP pool (highly desirable for large-volume senders) to increase delivery efficiency.

Purchasing decisions in today’s market are usually based on rigorous due diligence. Prior to selecting PowerMTA, Blue Sky Factory studied other leading MTA brands but ultimately determined PowerMTA to be the best fit for its email marketing business.

“PowerMTA’s simple setup, configuration, and performance assure us we are offering our clients best-of-breed services and solutions when it comes to their email marketing deliverability. Port25′s Support team is also extremely responsive and always willing to help,” added Pfeiffer.

Leading enterprises and service providers relying on PowerMTA include: ExactTarget, SilverPOP, CareerBuilder, Turner Broadcasting, ServiceMagic, DailyCandy, Bank of America, Listrak,, Emailvision, and Responsys along with many more. PowerMTA has been widely-adopted by the global sender community as it easily scales to handle the largest delivery throughput requirements and it was also the first MTA to support major email authentication standards including DomainKeys Identified Mail (commonly known as DKIM) . PowerMTA also provides customizable bounce handling/reporting and, unlike competing products which are available for Linux or Windows-only environments, performs well with all commonly-used operating systems.

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