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What is the best email marketing system for Shopify

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How to find the best email marketing platform to help you grow Shopify store

Email Marketing is an integral part of any business but particularly e-commerce businesses. It can be confusing when you are deciding which email marketing platform to use, especially if your e-commerce website is a Shopify site. The Shopify app store has a ready-made “shop” of email marketing solutions available for you to choose from that can all be installed at the click of a button. While it might be easy to get started in email marketing, it is essential to look at the merits of each platform and make a decision about what is best for your Shopify store, your brand and your business. 

The goal of email marketing is to build a relationship with your customers. Part of this relationship involves communicating to them what you understand to be relevant to them as shoppers. Finding an email marketing platform that enables you to do this is critical. Marketing automations provide a conduit in this communication between storekeeper and shopper. By setting up marketing automations that anticipate the needs of your customer, you are building that relationship and providing value. By keeping emails relevant to your audience, you are not only ensuring that your customers are reading your emails and acting upon them, therefore increasing your sales.

In 2020 the best email marketing platform for building your relationship with your Shopify store customers will have at least the following features:

  • – Fully integrated into your Shopify store
  • – Ability to set up marketing automations
  • – GDPR and privacy code compliance
  • – Email list management
  • – Analytics and reporting

How do I choose the best email marketing integration for Shopify?

The best email integration to use with your Shopify store will be one that has the previously mentioned features as well as matches with the way that you work as a business. For example, a fruit box home delivery service, where the delivery driver is the store owner and talks to the customers when she drops off her produce may have different needs to an international jewellery retailer. Both of these Shopify retailers need to communicate with their customers. However, the time that they have to set up email marketing software, the nature of other customer interactions, the lifetime value of the customer is all different. So, of course, these two businesses will have different needs and approaches to email marketing.

How do email marketing automations work with my Shopify store?

After you have decided what email marketing platform that you are going to use, the next step is to “connect” your Shopify store to the software. For most Shopify sites this will be done via the Shopify App Store. If you choose a platform that is not available via the app store, you will need to connect via a third-party integration such as Zapier or ShopSync. Alternatively, you can get a web developer to make a custom connection for you. 

Once you have connected your store to your platform, you can set up automations that suit your customer journey. Platforms such as Active Campaign allow you to tag users based on their interaction with your store and emails and then add and remove them to different campaigns; therefore, customising the messaging you give that customer. For example, a customer opens a sales email then heads to your website and puts an item in their cart. They abandon the cart, but because you have a tag set up to track cart abandonments in your email marketing platform, you send them an email 24 hours later reminding them to complete the purchase.

What email marketing tools are compatible with Shopify?

There are a dizzying number of apps and integrations available to Shopify stores. By typing email into the search bar on the Shopify app store, you will get a list of the tools available. It is vital to look further into exactly the capabilities of the platforms as many of the email marketing apps only skim the surface of what a business needs for effective communication in ecommerce email marketing.

What free email marketing apps are available for Shopify?

Almost all the email marketing apps on the Shopify store are free to install or offer a free trial. The most popular free Shopify email marketing platforms are SmartrMail, Privy and Seguano however, as with any free plan, there are limits to either send volume, template access or automations and tagging. 

Can Kit be used for email marketing as well as social media in Shopify?

Kit is a social media marketing tool for Shopify stores. It is mainly used for Facebook posts and advertising and does not have an email marketing component.

Is Klaviyo the best email marketing platform for Shopify?

Klaviyo is one of the top-performing Shopify email marketing software for growing businesses. It is a premium product, and it has both the price and features to go with the title. Klaviyo is easy to use, has the level of support that you would expect from a premium email marketing software and includes features that extend beyond email into social media and text messaging. 

Shopify has a reputation for making e-commerce easy for the shop owner and therefore has an enormous range of email marketing platforms to choose from within its app store. It is essential that as a Shopify owner, you take the time to work out what you want from an email marketing platform and not get bamboozled by choice. 


At emailexpert, we are continuously researching and evaluating everything to do with email and email marketing so that we can be a resource to help you decide on the best match for you and your business or organisation. 

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