Validity for Good: Free Deliverability Suite for Critical C-19 emails

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Validity have released a new crisis communications program, Validity for Good.

The new program is free for government agencies and organizations that send critical emails including related to the coronavirus pandemic. With Validity for Good, agencies and organizations are temporarily granted access to the Return Path Email Certification service.

“The email ecosystem is being flooded with COVID-19 communications, which means emails like critical infrastructure updates are being mixed in with a stream of marketing emails, personal communications, and the unfortunate steady influx of unwanted spam,” said Mark Briggs, chairman and CEO of Validity.

As email remains the most critical communications channel related to the global pandemic, organizations face the increasing reality that their emails are not getting through to constituents, citizens, and customers. Central to communications and mitigation, these organizations are finding they need to ramp up communications to both the public at large and their constituencies, requiring them to send to their full email lists, therein creating issues for the recipients’ email systems and spam filters.

However bad actors are taking advantage of the global emergency communications efforts by transmitting dangerous messaging, including phishing, malware, ransomware, and spam in the name of COVID-19 further complicating matters.

“It’s great to see Validity’s philanthropic efforts around delivery of critical messages,” said Don Owens, architect at Cisco Talos.

“We purposely focused Validity for Good on email because that’s what’s critical right now – getting people important, need-to-know information,” Briggs continued. “We are also looking for ways to expand Validity for Good over time as we find additional ways that our platform, team, and resources can help bring good when the world needs it most.”

Businesses can sign up for this free service by applying at the Validity for Good microsite:

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