Sendlane Joins Shopify App Store

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Sendlane announced recently that it has officially launched on the Shopify App Store. Beginning today, Shopify and Shopify Plus users are able to integrate Sendlane’s unparalleled data-based customer communications tools directly into their eCommerce stacks. Already enjoyed by more than 300 Shopify customers, Sendlane is now available to Shopify’s 1.75 million merchants.

Sendlane integrates into Shopify stores in just one click, allowing merchants to harness the power of Sendlane’s deep-data capabilities to increase the long-term value of their customers by automating segmentation and communication across dozens of data categories — including location, order history, customer LTV, cart status, and many more — for both historical and new data.

“For a successful eCommerce merchant, data is like a firehose of information: there’s certainly a lot of it, but it can be hard to use effectively. Add to that the changing landscape of privacy and regulation, and running an online store starts to turn into an experts-only exercise,” said Jimmy Kim, Co-Founder and CEO of Sendlane. “Sendlane is in the business of helping provide personalized, data-driven communications to boost LTV on a per-customer basis for our merchant partners. We’re very happy to bring our expertise to Shopify’s customers now, too.”

Sendlane connects easily to all Shopify stores, even allowing for multiple stores at no extra cost,  contrasted with other ESPs that limit users to just one. It provides an all-in-one email and SMS provider for reaching customers, revenue attribution, automated data triggers, dynamic content, and native integrations with leading partners like, Carthook, Privy, Facebook, and many more.

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