Paubox Introduces Zero Trust Security for Email

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Paubox, recently announced a new feature to the Paubox Email Suite, Zero Trust Email. Zero Trust Email was developed to help healthcare organizations protect their sensitive data and protected health information (PHI) from cybersecurity attackers.

As more than 93% of healthcare organizations report falling victim to at least one security breach in the last three years, a solution to combat phishing attacks infiltrating email security systems was essential. Bad actors are setting up accounts on servers run by American infrastructure companies like GoDaddy, AWS, and Mailgun. This allows these cybercriminals to pass industry standard spam and virus checks. In response, Paubox rolled out Zero Trust Email.

“A core tenet of Zero Trust security is multi-factor authentication (MFA),” said Hoala Greevy, Founder CEO of Paubox. “While most of us associate MFA with text messages or authenticator apps, there is a broader definition. MFA simply means more than one piece of evidence is required to authenticate a user.

As it relates to Zero Trust Email, we built a system whereby an additional piece of evidence from the sender’s mail server is required before it passes our Inbound Security checks. The additional evidence is determined by an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm we created. In effect, we are incorporating email AI into the core of Paubox. Healthcare continues to be a primary target for cybersecurity attacks. This extra layer of verification is critical to keeping bad actors at bay.”

According to IBM’s Cost of Data Breach report, the healthcare industry lost over $7 billion in damages from data breaches caused by cyberattacks in 2019. Additional network access points created by a growing remote work force only open healthcare organizations to more cybersecurity vulnerabilities and attacks. With Zero Trust Email, healthcare organizations can minimize the damage caused by both external and internal attacks.

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