New Email Verification Service pre-launch: AlfredKnows

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New ESP-friendly Email Verification Service, AlfredKnows, Has Officially Begun Testing

Email Industries® reveals next-generation email deliverability tool. Email marketing technology providers are encouraged to apply for free beta access.

Augusta, GA – Email Industries, a provider of innovative email marketing technology solutions, is proud to announce their new email deliverability and compliance product which is now available to select email service providers (ESPs), marketing automation providers, CRMs, and sales enablement tools.

Currently in closed Beta, AlfredKnows is an ESP-friendly email verification service that’s designed to work in concert with BlackBox, the company’s long-established email compliance service, to protect and improve the email deliverability of ESPs and their senders. 

Specifically, by using Email Industries’ Risk Scoring API and new Deliverability Scoring API, participating ESPs, and their clients, will be able to preemptively assess the quality of any email list, or email address, prior to deployment, virtually eliminating list-based risk to their respective mailing reputations.

“Bad actors and bad email lists are wholly responsible for an ESP’s inability to deliver email to the inbox which, after all, is their core function. Traditional abuse prevention practices are incredibly costly to ESPs on nearly every level. We aim to change that,” said Scott Hardigree, Founder at Email Industries.

Email Industries intends to offer these risk and deliverability assessments at little-to-no cost to ESPs who are willing to refer their senders to AlfredKnows when their lists need to be verified. “We suspect there’s also the potential for sharing revenue with our ESP partners,” said Gerald Marshall, the company’s Head of Operations.

“Not only does AlfredKnows pick up where BlackBox left off,” Marshall continued, “but we feel a referral model will make the product more accessible to small to mid-sized ESPs.”

At its heart, AlfredKnows was purpose-built to help ESPs turn email compliance costs and losses into a profit while providing email senders with an efficient and affordable email verification experience. 

ESPs interested in participating, at no cost to their organization, can learn more by applying online at

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