Netcore Launches Offices in North America

Netcore Launches Offices in North America

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Netcore Cloud, a customer engagement platform that helps B2C brands create personalised digital experiences across multiple channels including email, has just announced its entrance into the North American market. The company’s North American offices are in New York and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

“We deliver a highly robust platform designed to help marketers listen, analyze, and build smart 1:1 engagement on multiple channels and at multiple touchpoints across the customer journey, including solutions for email, SMS, and both in-app and on-site push technologies,” said Matthew Vernhout, VP of Deliverability, North America, for Netcore Cloud.

In business for 23 years and serving more than 5,000 brands in 22 markets worldwide, the Netcore Cloud omnichannel platform is built for scale with a focus on revenue impact through customer retention, conversion, activity, and sales. Netcore Cloud users include Canon, Disney, McDonald’s, Nexxt, Puma, Westin Hotels & Resorts, and others.

Prominent among Netcore Cloud marketing solutions is its AI-powered Netcore Cloud Email, which relies on an email API for fast integration and boasts a 95 percent inbox placement. Using Netcore Cloud Email, marketers can easily create beautiful email campaigns that can be sent to millions, add personalization, and leverage actionable insights for maximum engagement. Predictive segmentation, predictive engagement, send time optimization, and subject line optimization ensure that every email sent has highest impact.

Matthew Vernhout went on to say “We’re expanding our footprint in North America to provide our customers here with even greater levels of service while reaching new organizations looking to enhance customer engagement through advanced automation technologies.”

Netcore Cloud was recognized in Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer” Report 2020 as a top five email-marketing company, as a Leader in the G2 Winter 2021 Reports, and is a top-rated marketing automation suite for enterprises on Capterra.

In addition to its platform robustness, Netcore Cloud is also known for its consultative and customer services designed to effectively onboard and ensure the highest levels of performance and satisfaction.

“Since we signed with Netcore Cloud, I’ve had nothing but positive interactions with the team,” said Courtney Minor of Music Xray, a music tech company in New York.

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