Namecheap Released Anti-Spam Tool Jellyfish

Reading time: 2 minutes

Namecheap introduces Jellyfish – a new top-notch spam management tool. Started in a break room by two ambitious team members, Alex Bazhanov and Andrii Martynyuk, an idea of building a brand new anti-spam system to better serve Namecheap customers, grew into a full-fledged product. Jellyfish uses machine-learning to intelligently discover the latest threats and block them, while allowing in a user’s legitimate messages.

Currently over one million users are using Namecheap’s in-house anti-spam protection. Since Jellyfish launched in beta in 2020, replacing the previous external anti-spam provider, Namecheap has seen the number of spam-related requests to customer support reduce by 64%.

“As a jellyfish uses its tentacles to hunt their prey and for protection, in the same way, our product will both capture malicious emails and protect our clients from email threats,” said Richard Kirkendall, Namecheap CEO.

How Jellyfish works

When Jellyfish is enabled by a simple toggle switch, all incoming emails travel through its filtering system. If an email is likely to be spam, it is contained within a spam folder, or instantly discarded. If the email is valid and safe, Jellyfish will deliver it right into the user’s inbox. Right now, Jellyfish as a spam filter protects all Shared Hosting and Private Email users, as well as emails sent to forwarding addresses used by BasicDNS, PremiumDNS, or FreeDNS Namecheap users, and all emails sent to domain owners with Domain Privacy Protection.

  • By performing checks on incoming emails, attachments, images, and files, Jellyfish scans the lot and blocks anything harmful.
  • Jellyfish runs a hefty 400+ filter modules to detect email threats and uses machine-learning technology to block spam.
  • Jellyfish is continually using machine learning to identify known and new threats.
  • Existing customers can personalize their mailboxes against specific spam threats, block or accept emails by subject, domain name or a set of conditions.