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Mapp Completes the Acquisition of Webtrekk

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 Mapp recently announced the completion of the acquisition of Webtrekk, the European leader in marketing analytics and customer intelligence software. Webtrekk is now fully a Mapp company – while simultaneously remaining a stand-alone solution.

Mapp and Webtrekk will combine their services into a fully integrated package allowing marketers to collect, analyze, and activate their data for customer engagement through a single platform. It revolves around the ability to initiate customer interactions quickly and easily, based on real-time data and precise insights. Both Webtrekk’s customer intelligence and Mapp’s cross-channel marketing execution are grounded in first-party data, designed to ensure a highly-personalized customer experience.

Included in the joint product portfolio right from the onset:

  • Pre-defined campaign dashboards for detailed customer insights and engagement trends
  • An interface for the bidirectional data exchange of segments, user attributes, and campaign information between Mapp and Webtrekk
  • Recommendations for tailor-made product and purchasing tips in emails and on websites
  • Cross-channel marketing from a single source (including email, mobile push, SMS, remarketing, and overlays)
  • Website personalization for each individual visitor with Mapp’s drag & drop content editor, including individual landing pages
  • AI-supported marketing intelligence, user predictions, and scoring – “Intelligence powered by Webtrekk”

Webtrekk customers benefit from access to Mapp’s international network, with offices in seven countries across the globe. At the same time, Mapp benefits from Webtrekk’s outstanding market position in German-speaking countries, thus creating the optimal conditions for joint growth.

“Webtrekks’s customer intelligence and Mapp’s customer engagement is a very promising combination for data-driven marketing. I’m looking forward to the new possibilities,” says Frank Arweiler, Marketing & Communication Manager at BNP Paribas S.A. German branch.

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