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Klaviyo Releases Q3 2022 Business Trend Recap

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Klaviyo recently released its Q3 2022 edition of its Business Trend Recap, which leverages data from Klaviyo’s customers for the latest insights into online shopping habits.

“In a retail environment where consumers have endless options, it’s crucial for e-commerce brands and business owners to have the tools they need to not only understand their customer base, but reach them in innovative and effective ways,” said Andrew Bialecki, CEO and co-founder of Klaviyo. “Particularly given the current dynamic macro-environment, businesses need to be nimble and adapt their marketing strategies to quickly and efficiently communicate their vision and messages at internet scale, enabling them to create the best experience and lasting relationships with their customers. Our ultimate vision is to provide our customers ownership—of their data, their relationships and their growth—and help them achieve their goals whatever they may be.”

Top Klaviyo Q3 2022 Shopping Insights

Klaviyo combined insights from over 250 million global shoppers across more than 82 countries and territories powered by the company’s platform during Q3 2022—between July 1, 2022, and September 30, 2022. This quarter’s top highlights include:

  • Year-to-date online spending remains up across the board—and Q3 2022 saw great consumer resiliency despite challenging economic conditions, both domestically and around the globe.
    • In year-over-year comparisons, total order count, or the number of purchases made by consumers in a particular quarter, is up in every sales category except jewelry.
    • Across all categories, total order count is up over 11% in Q3 2022 compared to the same period in 2021—and total order amount, how much money shoppers spent on online orders, is up about 20% year-over-year.
  • Compared to last year Average Order Value (AOV), the average of how much shoppers spent on each order, was up by 12% in Q3 compared to Q3 of last year.
  • Despite slowing down in the mid-summer, AOV was lifted nearly 27% this September compared to July—signaling an uptick in end-of-season shopping.
  • Consumers continue to emphasize the importance of sustainability as it relates to their shopping habits.
    • The median Klaviyo Attributed Value (KAV)—which is the amount of a customer’s revenue that can be attributed to Klaviyo—for entrepreneurial companies who mentioned sustainability in their communications was 4x and 3x higher than the median KAV of companies who did not in Q3 2021 & Q3 2022 respectively.
    • The percentage of consumers purchasing from companies that talked about sustainability increased by 22% YoY.

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