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Inbox Suite Launch

Inbox Suite, an innovative AI-powered email marketing platform, is launching in December 2021. The platform allows modern marketing teams to create stronger customer engagement, implement data-driven strategies, and increase revenues in their email marketing programs using machine learning algorithms.

Inbox Suite is developed by the iAge Technologies team, which has more than 15 years of experience in email marketing. The company was founded by a team of email marketing experts who released several products in the marketing automation space. Moreover, they have been offering managed services for marketing teams across the globe to boost their email marketing revenues.

As Faruk Aydin, Head of Growth at Inbox Suite, explains, everything artificial intelligence offers to email marketers is available in the Inbox Suite platform.

“With the growing number of marketing channels and devices, it is impossible for marketing teams to track customer behavior and interact with them at each stage of their journey. Inbox Suite provides modern email marketers with AI features that help them send relevant and personalized content at scale. We leave no space for guesstimation in email marketing. To give an example, the platform uses several algorithms that analyze behavioral patterns for each subscriber to create One-to-One communication. Marketers can now predict their customers’ future actions to optimize email content, sending time, and audience.”.

Another feature worth noting is based around content. “Using Inbox Suite, marketers can deliver tailored messages to each subscriber based on their unique tastes and interests. The tool combines the best content recommendations with interactive and dynamic message building.”, says Faruk Aydin.

All Inbox Suite’s packages include AI features email marketers need, regardless of the plan they choose. What also differentiates Inbox Suite from other solution providers is the availability of a dedicated client success manager, who will answer any questions via chat, email, or phone.

Since Inbox Suite uses their own servers and infrastructure, they’re not dependent on external services which makes the company a reliable technology partner.

Inbox Suite will be launched during one of the leading events in the email marketing industry, Inbox Expo, in December 2021. It gives marketers the opportunity to meet the team behind Inbox Suite in person and learn more about the upcoming product.

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