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Edison Mail Launches New Features & 2022 State of Communication Study

Edison Mail recently released an update to its iOS and Android apps featuring two brand new features to its flagship Subscriptions Assistant. New Subscription insights help detect email clutter faster and easier. Features Included in Edison Mail’s Subscriptions Assistant:

  • Subscription Insights – Automatic measurement of which email subscriptions you open the most and least works intelligently behind the scenes to offer you a simple scorecard to quickly and effortlessly assess unsubscribe potential for each sender.
  • Timed Subscription Summary – Schedule your own curated list of email subscriptions to arrive in your inbox when you want (skipping all the notifications in between), all in one easy to review summary. Take bulk actions to delete, unsubscribe and more, or triage each newsletter individually.

Industry research indicates the average office worker receives 121 emails1 per day, and more research shows that as much as 85% of all emails sent are spam2. Edison Mail 2022 State of Communication study revealed more than half of Americans say they are still suffering from receiving too many emails, and almost 70% said that notifications and messages interfere with their productivity.

“We are on a mission to make your inbox a less stressful place and our latest update delivers on that promise. The fatigue you feel from too many emails crowding your inbox is not getting better fast enough,” said Jeff Pearsall, Vice President of Design for Edison Mail. “Our team spent months researching more efficient ways to offer relief from email overload and we are confident that anyone who has felt the pain of cleaning out their inbox from spam everyday will appreciate and immediately benefit from our new subscription insights and timed summary functionality.”

SOURCE: EDISON MAIL – 2022 State of Communication study


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