Dynamic Yield Launches Experience Email

Dynamic Yield, the Experience Optimization platform, recently announced the launch of “Experience Email” – a unified personalization solution allowing marketers to create fully individualized emails that maximize customer loyalty and revenue using AI and predictive algorithms. The solution, which is platform-agnostic, can be seamlessly integrated with any email service provider, marketing automation tool, or CRM system.

“Most email sends still rely on basic segmentation, with very little personalization applied to make them stand out in the inbox and inspire action,” said Liad Agmon, the CEO of Dynamic Yield. “Dynamic Yield’s Experience Email solution adapts each content block within an email campaign based on cross-channel data, rendered at the time of email open, to ensure the most relevant and engaging experience.”

Dynamic Yield’s Experience Email solution includes:

  • An intuitive drag and drop editor – For creating personalized emails either from scratch or using a variety of stunning templates for quick customization, all code-free and fully responsive.
  • Best-in-class product recommendations – Which can be served across multiple widgets using Dynamic Yield’s deep learning-powered AdaptML strategy, affinity-based personalization, contextual strategies, and more.
  • A simple code snippet generator – To embed individual content blocks or fully personalized emails built with Dynamic Yield into any email service provider, no tedious integration necessary. 

“At Maurices, we know the customer experience doesn’t end when a visitor leaves our website, which is why it’s so important for us to be able to personalize the email experience based on what happens there,” said Jesse Cooke, Email Marketing Developer at Maurices. “Dynamic Yield allows us to promote our top products, items related to what the user has left in the cart, and more through various recommendation strategies, which has created the consistency we need between channels.”

This release represents the latest in Dynamic Yield’s efforts to increase the relevancy of email marketing campaigns across the globe. The company plans to further develop its Experience Email offering in an effort to bring deeper email personalization to its 350+ customers from around the world.

To learn more about Dynamic Yield’s Experience Email, you can visit dynamicyield.com/email.