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dmarcian launches in Australia cybersecurity company

dmarcian, Inc. has released an instance of its application in an Australian data center.

dmarcian now provides local service, support and data storage to existing and future Australian customers.

Recognizing the importance of DMARC in preventing email spoofing, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) released guidelines, Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents and How to Combat Fake Emails, that specifically include DMARC implementation recommendations.

Highly successful DMARC deployments within the Australian federal government include the Department of Parliamentary Services indicating through their spokesperson in a recent media release “that DMARC blocked 31,255 emails, down from 181,000 in one week alone, between December 7 and December 14 last year.”

“The importance of DMARC implementation goes beyond best practice standards but should be considered business as usual,” says Con Lokos, dmarcian’s General Manager for Asia-Pacific. ”The new Sydney-based dmarcian instance will additionally provide data residency assurance.”

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