ConvertKit acquired FanBridge

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ConvertKit announced the acquisition of FanBridge, an email marketing platform serving musicians since 2006. The combined platform will help musicians and other creators grow an audience of dedicated fans, build a direct relationship with those fans through email, and sell digital products and services to earn an income.

With this acquisition, ConvertKit is doubling down on its commitment to help more musicians, big and small, make a living online doing what they love. As a result, more independent musicians will establish sustainable careers for many years to come.

ConvertKit has a long history serving customers in the music industry like multi-platinum recording artist Tim McGraw. The team also amplifies the voices of exciting new and established artists via a well-known YouTube series titled Creator Sessions. 

FanBridge will add thousands of musicians to the ConvertKit customer base. The combined team will pursue new opportunities to partner with leading music agencies and managers like 7S Management and Primary Wave as a result.

“We’ve worked with artists on FanBridge for years and now we’re excited for our friends at ConvertKit to acquire FanBridge and continue to build powerful tools for musicians.”

— Kyle Kuhns, Founder, and CEO, XX Artists

Since 2013, ConvertKit has championed creators with 365,000 creators using the platform to earn a living online as of April 2021. Those creators have generated over $1 billion in sales through e-commerce integration partners and ConvertKit Commerce, empowering creators to sell digital products directly to fans online.

ConvertKit believes creator reach is artificially limited by today’s algorithm-based social networks and audience platforms. The future of the creator economy will be centered on empowering creators to connect directly with their fans. Through the ConvertKit platform, algorithms and gatekeepers will be less of an obstacle to launching a career as a performing artist.

“Creators and artists have been at the mercy of networks and conglomerates too long.  Their talent has been taken advantage of because marketing was inaccessible due to either knowledge gaps or cost.  We are proud to support, empower and advocate for the creator movement.”

— Cory T. Taylor, VP Growth @ConvertKit

Alongside the FanBridge acquisition, ConvertKit’s investment in supporting musicians in 2021 includes commitments to develop new features like integrations with Spotify and BandsInTown, digital tip jars, and more

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