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Campaign Monitor announced the launch of Email Academy, online email training to help anyone using an email marketing platform take their strategy to the next level. Email Academy was created to help email marketers, small business owners and newsletter publishers “think outside the inbox” with easy-to-follow, on-demand courses and tutorials to follow at any pace, with no expiration date. Since the early launch in late June, there have been more than 4,000 course registrations and nearly 1,000 hours of courses taken so far. 

As many marketers are expected to do more with less, this valuable resource for Campaign Monitor customers delivers timely content for all levels of marketing sophistication, for both individual marketers and teams. Produced by email experts with years of industry experience, Email Academy is designed to revolutionize a marketer’s approach to email. Individual marketers benefit from content created for everyone from email beginners to those ready to take things up a notch. Teams can use the content to improve their marketing fundamentals and email best practices, whereas businesses can take advantage of a variety of strategic email programs to ensure there is no revenue left on the table. 

“Email Academy is a great resource for a wide variety of highly relevant topics, helping us learn exactly what we need to know to improve our marketing strategy. For example, their course clearly outlined the best practices and examples to better manage and engage contacts,” said Patrick Rastelli, Director, Information Technology at Livestrong.

“The Email Academy courses are extremely helpful; there are multiple mini courses within each learning module, which makes it easy to pick up where you left off during those slower moments throughout the work day. The course time descriptions are accurate, and the quizzes at the end help you realize how much you’ve actually learned. At the end of each learning module you receive a certificate of completion to add to your portfolio,” said Sara Hoppe, Marketing Administrative Associate, Southwestern Investment Group.

Campaign Monitor currently offers eight courses on the most impactful aspects of email marketing: 

  • Email marketing fundamentals: Covers the fundamentals of email marketing and the process of getting started.
  • Design best practices: Shares effective techniques and design principles to increase email engagement and accessibility.
  • Subscriber data management: Explains how data can be used to send targeted messages and drive email engagement.
  • List growth tactics: Provides insight on simple, ethical and powerful approaches to building an audience.
  • Email personalization tactics: Covers basic personalization tactics, as well as more sophisticated techniques like using dynamic content or behavioral data, based on how consumers are engaging.
  • Email data and reporting: Focuses on key metrics presented in email marketing reports, including how each relates to email lists and content, as well as what trends can uncover about the overall database.
  • Email automation and triggers: Reviews the types of email automation available to modern marketers, with a focus on implementation strategy and key benefits.
  • Deliverability best practices: Outlines the causes of deliverability problems and best practice requirements to help ensure your emails are received. 

“We’re excited to launch Email Academy, which can help users take their career to the next level, or train their team with free courses, helping marketers become email experts while learning at their own pace,” said Ros Hodgekiss, Customer Experience Programs Manager at Campaign Monitor. “Email Academy makes it easy for a wide variety of marketers to elevate their business’s email programs and strategies so there is no revenue left on the table.”

New courses will be continually added to Campaign Monitor’s Email Academy so marketers have access to education on key industry topics. Click here to learn more and register for Email Academy.

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