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Audience Serv Acquires Emailbidding

Audience Serv, an international customer acquisition and lead generation specialist, continues its international expansion with the acquisition of Emailbidding, an email marketing marketplace based in Porto. Emailbidding has been created and developed within Impacting Group, which is a holding for digital businesses. The acquisition brings together over 21 years of experience, worldwide operations, and more than 130 Million subscribers.

“We are pleased to welcome Emailbidding and its team to the Audience Serv family. Emailbidding’s platform and experts complement our solutions and expand the service portfolio for our clients.” said David Pikart, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Audience Serv. “The platform focuses on providing a scalable email marketing solution. Audience Serv and Emailbidding are striving to make B2C customer acquisition via email as easy and effective as possible. Therefore, we are very happy to drive our innovative email marketing platform with Audience Serv’s power and support. It’s great to be part of the Audience Serv group. ” Ana Cunha, CEO of Emailbidding , continues. “We are very pleased with the plans Audience Serv has for Emailbidding, enabling it to reach a worldwide relevance in the transformation of the email marketing industry, as it was designed since inception.”, concludes Nuno Morais Impacting’s Managing Partner.


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