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Sometimes we just need time to dance and not the money, it’s not about the price tag. Reviewing potential @inboxexpo venues

What can we do about DKIM replay attacks? ✉️ 💣 Read this blog post for some of the recommendations and mitigation ideas we’ve picked up:
#DKIM #replayattacks

Enterprise business spend money on solutions to real problems not features or functions- take a leaf out of their book. Great thread from @ruinunes

Some history and some other non-sense like email.. but mostly about my favorite subject, me. 😂 Thank you @email_expert and @NelyBonar all the sponsors like SparkPost, a MessageBird company, Email Industries Netcore Cloud Spotler Group Halon Mailkit Itera…

Inbox Expo coming together so fast!
Venue, Hotel, AV & Tech team. A week packed with progress, cannot wait to share more details.
Follow @InboxExpo for updates on what fast became the leading European Conference for Email.
This years theme is "CREATIVITY" hope to see you there!