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#DMARC policies increased 84% over CY2021, to nearly 5MM observed & validated. Small writeup and graph here you can cite or share as needed: #emailauthentication

Contributed stats to the keynote/panel on email authentication at @M3AAWG's hybrid 54th general meeting on Tuesday. Glad to participate in person again! #DMARC #DKIM #BIMI

Sharing some stats about observed #DKIM usage here: Number of unique keys tripled in CY2021, not sure yet why. More 2k RSA keys than 1k keys for first time. Only about 2,100 ed25519 keys.

By the end of 2021 there were nearly 5MM valid DMARC policies observed on the Internet. We've reorganized our site a bit, DMARC stats are now here:

Ten Years of DMARC! Original announcement was on Jan 30, 2012. Thanks to everybody who has embraced DMARC and advanced email authentication. A few more words at #dmarc #emailauthentication

#BIMI relies on #DMARC, so we get asked about it. There's some data on new BIMI records over seven months in the middle of 2021, and a little background info, posted here:

Have you thought about your privacy - or lack thereof - recently? Today is Data Privacy Day! Find out more about how to protect your personal information online here:

Active #DMARC policies observed in DNS increased by 28% in the first half of 2021, almost double the percentage added as in the same period of 2020. Write-up available here: #email #emailauthentication (Thanks to @FarsightSecInc for raw data!)

Rate of growth of #DMARC records slowed in 2020, but still added 810k records to end at 2.7MM for the year, w/ high monthly growth.

Number of observed, valid #DMARC policies grew 300% over 2019, to nearly 1.9MM. See Thanks to @FarsightSecInc for raw DNS data.

On behalf of the original DMARC project team, #ThankYouJerry - your support for us at #M3AAWG meetings really made a difference and helped us keep moving forward.