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Covid-19 Email Marketing US Consumer Sentiment Survey

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Over the weekend emailexpert started running several consumer sentiment surveys around the general feeling towards email marketing in the current climate. The first results came back from the US.

“Do you feel brands have sent you too many Coronavirus/Covid-19 related emails?” was the questions posed to 500 Americans online this weekend who chose to respond. The survey has shown a clear divide in how email marketing efforts during the crisis have been perceived differently not just by the sexes but by age as well.

The overall results when not drilling down by age, region or sex make a winner too close to call.

Survey Methodology

Sampling Audience:
Users on websites in the Google Surveys Publisher Network


Age:All Ages

Gender: All Genders

Location:United States


Number of Questions: One

Screening Questions: None

Respondents 501 collected / 500 targeted 

Start date: May 15, 2020
End date: May 18, 2020

The Infographic

More findings will be shared shortly.

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