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A revitalised DMA Email Council

The UK DMA announced this week a new chair and co-chair of the Email Council. A long standing home of intelligence in the British email marketing community and an invaluable research hub for over a decade.

Komal Helyer, VP Marketing at Pure360, and recent winner of a Corporate Woman of the Year from Business Women Excellence Awards is the new chair of the Email Council.

We asked Komal to expand on her new role and what it means for British marketers, she shared “The DMA Email Council is made up of some of the brightest leaders in the UK email industry. I am proud to be leading this awesome team, who through phenomenal output, are the pinnacle of email intelligence in the UK and lead the UK’s marketing industry in innovative and cutting edge email practices, give clarity on legislation, as well as helping solve issues affecting UK Marketers now and into the future.”

Komal is a seasoned marketing professional who has a deep and innate understanding of the benefits of collaboration and the power of leveraging relationships and has done stellar work in 2020 with another significant UK association ABTA. The experience and energy Komal brings to the table bodes well for the future and growth of the Email Council.

Joining as vice-Chair is Guy Hanson. Guy is a long standing doyen of the UK email marketing community and currently the Vice President, Customer Engagement (International) at Validity Inc. We often refer to Guy as the ‘Deliverability Data King’ at emailexpert, a well deserved moniker. This title is driven in large part by the insight and analysis he brings to making data more accessible for email marketers, his presentations driving home the importance and meaning behind the numbers and providing practical ways to apply the learning lessons within their own email marketing program.

Speaking to emailexpert Guy said “The DMA’s email council is a valuable mouthpiece for the broader community and I’m looking forward to getting more involved again.”

Expanding on their plans for 2021 Guy drove home the desire to once again ensure the Email Council are front and centre in the public’s mind. This will be achieved by expanding on the councils previous work and through an increased participation and involvement with industry events including Inbox Expo.

Other members of the council include some of the leading email geeks in the UK and include a great number of friends, supporters, contributors, speakers and sponsors of emailexpert. Renowned experts in the field making up the council include Steve Henderson, Gavin Laugenie, Daniel Lack, Jenna Tiffany, Suzanna Chaplin, Antony Humphreys, Nick Crawford, Elliot Ross, Kate Barrett, Kelly Atkins and Nadja von Massow.

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