SellUP Rebrands as Alchemy Worx

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SellUP is excited to announce that they are fully rebranding as Alchemy Worx, effective from August 6, 2020. This completes the final step in the 2017 acquisition of London-based CRM agency, Alchemy Worx, and unites two email industry leaders, SellUP CEO Allan Levy, and Alchemy Worx founder, Dela Quist, with a combined 20+ years of experience.

Since the acquisition in 2017, Alchemy Worx has built out a full-service solution, including best-in-class email marketing, paid social, and SMS support for e-commerce and enterprise-level companies with online sales ranging from $2M to multi-billions.

“Our vision is to inject foundational digital channel knowledge into the DNA of our clients’ marketing teams, while also providing data-driven strategic recommendations, backed by our test and learn methodology,” said Alchemy Worx CEO, Allan Levy. “This unique blend of data, analytics, education, and an experienced account team is unparalleled in the industry.”

This transformative chemistry of client support is the driving force behind the officially adopted company name, Alchemy Worx. Under the rebranding initiative, a refreshed logo, website, and mission statement were rolled out that reflect these core values.

“Our mission statement is simple but powerful, ‘we help businesses send seriously good messages’. Market trends and industry technology are changing exponentially faster, so it’s critical that we future-proof our approach to audience management. This means continuously optimizing our messaging strategies and choosing the right tools to support our clients’ specific communication needs. We’ve built strong relationships with 30+ partners to help us do that.”

Alchemy Worx thanks their loyal clients and partners and is looking forward to the next growth phase.

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