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Spotlight: Raymond Dijkhoorn, Prolocation & SURBL in the news

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Emailexpert wants to take this opportunity to highlight the exceptional work of one of our consortium members, Raymond Dijkhoorn of SURBL/Prolocation. Recently, Raymond’s significant contributions were prominently featured in an article by the renowned cybersecurity journalist Brian Krebs. This recognition underscores the critical role our members play in the email infrastructure ecosystem including email security and combating cyber threats globally.

The Spotlight on Raymond Dijkhoorn

In the article, Brian Krebs detailed the vital efforts led by Raymond in uncovering and mitigating sophisticated cyber threats. Raymond’s expertise and dedication have been instrumental in identifying malicious activities and protecting users worldwide. His work with SURBL, a leader in combating spam and phishing attacks, and Prolocation, a Dutch hosting company, has significantly fortified the email security landscape.

Uncovering Malicious Networks

Raymond’s investigative work has led to the exposure of several malicious networks that had been operating covertly. His keen insights and technical acumen enabled the identification of cybercriminals who were exploiting vulnerabilities to spread malware and conduct phishing campaigns. By tracing the digital footprints of these actors, Raymond helped dismantle their operations and safeguard countless individuals and organizations from potential harm.

A Commitment to Cybersecurity

The feature by Brian Krebs is a testament to Raymond’s unwavering commitment to cybersecurity. His proactive approach and relentless pursuit of cybercriminals have not only thwarted numerous threats but also set a benchmark for excellence in the field. Raymond’s contributions extend beyond his work with SURBL/Prolocation; they reflect the collaborative spirit and shared mission of the entire emailexpert consortium.

The Role of SURBL/Prolocation

SURBL is renowned for its real-time threat intelligence services, providing crucial data that helps filter out spam and detect phishing attempts. Prolocation, on the other hand, offers robust hosting solutions with a strong focus on security. Together, under Raymond’s guidance, these organizations have developed innovative strategies to counteract cyber threats and protect the integrity of email communications.

Looking Ahead

Stay tuned for more updates on the impactful work of our members and join us in our mission to improve email.

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