Campaign Monitor: The 2022 Email Benchmarks Report

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Campaign Monitor recently announced the release of its annual Benchmarks Report to provide marketers with insights about average performance metrics. The 2022 Email Benchmarks Report analyzed over 100 billion emails sent globally by CM Group customers, finding that the highest open rates were in the education, non-profit and real estate industries, while the top click-to-open rates were in real estate, government and education. The benchmarks help marketers across all industries understand how their own email marketing efforts compare to industry averages at a time when people’s use of email is shifting and market forces are changing email dynamics.

“As the pandemic wears on, people are continuing to shift their email behaviors, and after Apple implemented their Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) privacy changes last year, open rate reporting has evolved. These market forces show that no single metric can ever be a marker for email’s value to an organization, which is why we provide a variety of benchmark metrics in this report and always encourage all email marketers to measure a variety of inputs to get a deeper understanding of their own audience engagement,” said Kalyn New, Senior Director of Product & Customer Marketing at Campaign Monitor.

Open rates have been affected by Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP), which went into effect in the middle of 2021. At the same time, a decrease in the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted benchmark metrics including click-through-rates over the past year. As a result, click-through rate has emerged as an increasingly important benchmark to help marketers better triangulate behavior in the face of shifting trends:

  • Email open rates have increased by 3.5% to 21.5% as a result of Apple’s MPP, which has changed the way email opens are reported on. 
  • Email click-through rates have decreased by .3% to 2.3% compared to 2020 when the pandemic moved many communications online and kept people at home.
  • Email click-to-open rates have also declined by 3.6% to 10.5% for similar reasons. 
  • Tuesday has the best click-through rates at 2.4%, although variation by day is relatively small. The days with the lowest click-through rate, Saturday and Sunday, have a 2.1% click-through rate, which means marketers should continue to test what works best with their own audience. 
Average rate graphic 1 1536x884 1
Image Source: Campaign Monitor

“In the face of major market changes — from the pandemic to privacy changes from Apple and more — email has proven to be one of the most trusted and stable communication channels for organizations of every size and industry. While this year’s benchmarks may have shifted more drastically than in years past, Campaign Monitor provides both the insights and the technology to help marketers understand the long-term value of their email efforts so they can thrive now and through any future market changes,” said Adam Cohen, Marketing Director at Campaign Monitor. 

To read the full 2022 Email Benchmarks Report, click here.

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