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Stop the YouTube drain

At emailexpert we are always looking for ways for vendors that produce high quality content to extend their reach. We are always looking to provide business professionals a curated selection of the very best content presented in a fresh and improved fashion.

How could we help provide an enhanced experience for the high quality video produced by many vendors and influencers in the email space? Well it turns out it is not that difficult and gets easier as Google further monetises their YouTube acquisition. The newest opportunity for extending the reach of your content is now available on emailexpert. Check out our new Video section today.

We can now host your video using proprietary ultra fast technology. Viewers will experience your video without delay, lag or buffering in full HD. Instant jump free viewing experience.

Videos that are delivered via EdgeAI begin playback 12 times faster than competing video delivery platforms and experience 8 times less buffering/stalls. 

via emailexpert

Sending your traffic to YouTube is like directing your visitors to your competitors funnels. A sure fire guaranteed drain on your hard earned eyeballs. YouTube is not providing playback on your site or theirs free of charge. They are funneling users from your site with recommended videos and capturing your visitor’s attention with their hyperlinks. If you don’t mind losing a steady percentage of visitors then continue embedding YouTube on your site. Otherwise read on for the advantages of hosting your content on emailexpert.

Benefits to hosting with emailexpert

Why host your video at emailexpert?

  • Ultra fast video optimised global Content Delivery Network
  • Unlimited views on the site
  • No Limitations on Video Length
  • Proprietary Video Playback Technology Layer
  • Minimal advertising in viewing experience
  • Full cross promotion of your content
  • Custom Landing Page with your CTA’s
  • Exposure to an audience of emailgeeks and business professionals
  • Minimal emailexpert watermark branding
  • Indexed in Google Search and Google Videos

Premium Features: embed our player on your site, minimal branding, co-branding and no-branding options available from $1CPM after 150k views. Customise your channel on emailexpert.

Continue to host your video on YouTube but do not direct your hard earned traffic there.

Simplicity of Onboarding

Whilst there is a significant amount of effort in importing re-encoding, formatting and publishing your video content the team at emailexpert will take all that heavy lifting on for you.

  • Import of all video content
  • Generate descriptions of all video
  • Automated SEO of your video content

Bonus: be first in line for the new emailexpert interactive video solution.

All orders are subject to our content quality review.

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