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Email Industries Brings On LoriBeth Blair

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Email Industries, a leading vendor of email deliverability solutions, has announced the addition of LoriBeth (“LB”) Blair to its team.

LB Blair brings with her years of experience working with Fortune 100 brands and sending over one billion email messages monthly. She is an expert at engineering email infrastructure and strategies for optimal inbox placement, performance, and reach.

A regular speaker at emailexpert events her knowledge of email and deliverability is widely recognised.

“I am thrilled to bring LB into the Email Industries team. She is at the top of her field and will allow us to grow to new heights. Her deliverability knowledge is unsurpassed”, said Email Industries founder Scott Hardigree.

LB is excited to join the Email Industries team and is confident they can help businesses strategise and navigate the world of email to deliver the results they need. “I could not be more excited to join such a wonderful company. I have known Scott and considered him a mentor and an all-around wonderful human being for years. The team and tools he’s amassed at Email Industries are among the best I have ever encountered. By combining our talents, I am confident we can help any company strategize and navigate the world of email to deliver the results their business needs.”, says Blair.

Email Industries was founded in 2008 as a full-service email marketing agency. It then expanded its mission in 2012 to provide email deliverability solutions.

The company offers services ranging from comprehensive deliverability audits to fully designed and built email infrastructures. Email Industries also developed Alfred, an all-in-one threat detection and validation service, and BlackBox, a service to score and segment risky email lists and addresses preemptively. Both services are used by the world’s most respected brands. With the addition of LB Blair to its team, Email Industries is well-positioned to help businesses and brands with every aspect of their email marketing and deliverability.

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