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Fast Tracked Domain & IP Reputation Warming

Emailexpert were thrilled to be able to help create a customer case study that showcased Pure360 a leading British ESP now part of the Spotler Group and Postmastery assisting with an MTA platform migration and reputation warming plan. With tens of millions of messages sent daily, billions sent monthly the planning, preparation and migration to brand new IPs took less than 90 days.

The case study demonstrates the benefits of a fast MTA platform transfer, IP, and Domain reputation warmup. Not only an improved customer experience for the customers of the Spotler Group, but less impact on Daniel Thorpe the head of deliverability and saving the business over £100,000 in the process.

Whilst as an enterprise sender you may have been it will take up to six months or even more to warm up your sender reputation when migrating to a new platform this need not be the case. If you do not have the right tools then warming up sender reputation can be a herculean task. However as can be seen in a recent case study a rapidly escalated IP & domain reputation warming plan can be achieved but requires the following to be in place:

1. Start by establishing a good sending reputation and utilise authentication methods such as DKIM, SPF and DMARC

2. Monitoring your delivery and deliverability metrics using the right tools and scaling accordingly.

3. The right professionals supporting your migration, and granular controls over how you connect to mailbox providers (utilise your own MTA like Halon)

Postmastery is a leading email deliverability monitoring platform and the perfect choice for businesses of any size who are looking to switch to a new email service provider, platform, or MTA with minimal downtime and hassle. Their advanced features make migrations faster and smoother, a step up from traditional deliverability dashboards, allowing companies to monitor delivery metrics from two different platforms or MTA’s in a side-by-side view. This makes it easier to compare and analyse data and make informed decisions when managing a complex migration.

Pure360 a Spotler Company is based in the UK, the marketing technology company founded in 2001, in Brighton. Pure360 have worked with thousands of brands, many iconic such as innocent drinks, Bravissimo, Wagamama, PayPal and Occam. In November 2021 they were acquired by the Spotler Group a fast emerging leader in the expanding marketing technology category

To learn more about this case study, please visit the Postmastery website:

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