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OTA Email Unsubscribe Audit Report

The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) revealed recently results of its second annual OTA Email Unsubscribe Audit. OTA reported that 75% of the top 200 online retailers (according

ANNUITAS Launched Email Deliverability Assessment

ANNUITAS has launched an Email Deliverability Assessment offering to help marketers gain critical insight into overall deliverability performance and compliance best practices. The Deliverability Assessment gives

9 Gmail FBL & Deliverability Myths

I was humbled to be able to interview Sri Harsha of the Gmail Anti-Spam team at length recently, visiting him in person at the Google Campus

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18 New Features from Mapp

Mapp is launching a comprehensive product update of Mapp Cloud, its digital marketing platform. The Fall Update includes 18 new features, improvements, and integrations. The package

10 Dec 2020


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