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Aug 09
Security Concerns around Planned Marketplace for Email Creatives

It appears there is new marketplace open to email designers and template developers…

Jul 16
University Research Links Email Volume to Work Stress

At least in the Australian higher education sector, high email volumes appear to be a…

Sep 22
Email Copywriting: 10 Proven Formulas to Use on Your Next Campaign

One study found that for every $1 you invest in email marketing, you’ll generate $42…

Jul 21
EmailSoldiers Case Study: Vichy L’Oreal

Beauty delivery through triggered emails — support of Vichy campaign Online…

Jul 20
Where to start with CRM-ESP Integrations?

When you’re deciding which ESP and which CRM to use, think about your future CRM-ESP…

Jul 14
Email Automation for Lead Generation? Awesome results are possible!

Is email automation for lead generation a viable prospect? Not only is it possible to…

Jul 06
Purchasing Email Lists? Think Again!

Why continually rent something when you can buy it all in one go and own it entirely?…

Dec 21
OTA Email Unsubscribe Audit Report

The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) revealed recently results of its second…

Oct 11
Litmus Accept $49 MN in Series A Investment

No longer bootstrapped and proud, the startup has taken $49 million dollars in…

Nov 17
Getting the Call-To-Action right for email

There are 3 main steps in the conversion process within email. 1: Convert to open 2:…

Jul 01
ANNUITAS Launched Email Deliverability Assessment

ANNUITAS has launched an Email Deliverability Assessment offering to help…

May 13
9 Gmail FBL & Deliverability Myths

I was humbled to be able to interview Sri Harsha of the Gmail Anti-Spam team at…

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