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Emailexpert Speaker Showcase: Nadja von Massow

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Nadja von Massow is a seasoned eCRM Strategist, Digital Designer & Creative Consultant with a particular focus on the synergy between creative and data. She has worked on both client and agency sides in digital Marketing since 1997 with a growing passion and expertise for everything email, leading creative campaign teams for some of the world’s biggest brands.

With the aim to combine her academic background in theatre and film production, hands-on involvement with Jazz and performing arts and her CRM experience, she founded nadworks in 2012 to support the music industry with creative and strategic services. Since then, nadworks have collaborated with British and international artists, record labels, orchestras and music organisations on developing successful ARM (Audience Relationship Management) solutions centred around email, creative and data.

Nadja is also a visiting lecturer at the Royal Scottish Conservatoire and a member of the DMA Email Council.

What year did you first use email?


What year did you first work in email?


Tell us about your work in email

As a web designer, my very first exposure to email marketing was in the creative context: building html emails and tripping over all the limitations and rendering traps that we had to navigate even pre-mobile-responsiveness. I loved those pioneering days. Since then I’ve ventured into creative strategy, email journeys and eCRM, helping my clients in the music industry (musicians, arts organisations, orchestras and record labels) to maximise their email channel and integrate email better into their marketing eco-system.

If you could have any email superpower, what power would you have and why?

Reach every inbox without fail.

What are your passions outside email?

Jazz (inside and outside email)

Cats or Dogs?

Neither. Not a pet person. Sorry.

When did you speak for emailexpert and how was it valuable?

March 2021 Inbox Expo. Connecting with new email community members was fantastic. I also enjoyed the experience of sharing my personal take on the subject matter and representing the DMA Email Council.

Anything else to add?

When I first started, even the thought of giving ‘Email’ its own professional category, let alone conference space, would have received ironic smiles. Many of those people are now paying top consulting fees for experts like us.

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