TowerData & FreshAddress Merged

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TowerData, now celebrating 20 years in the industry has merged with FreshAddress. The merger is supported by a strategic investment from TZP Group a private equity firm.

Together, FreshAddress and TowerData plan to frame themselves as a market leader in email verification and hygiene services.

Tom Burke, CEO of TowerData, along with an experienced executive team from both companies, will provide leadership to the combined organization. Bill Kaplan, the co-founder and CEO of FreshAddress, will work with Mr. Burke to effectuate the integration of the companies, remaining with the business as a Strategic Advisor. The combined company will be headquartered in New York with additional offices located in Boston and Chicago, as well as remote locations across the United States & internationally.

“We are excited about our merger with FreshAddress and partnership with TZP, and the opportunity to leverage the combined strengths of our two businesses,” said Tom Burke. “TowerData and FreshAddress are both known for a customer-first philosophy, market-leading offerings, and expertise in all things email. By joining together, we reinforce our position as the premier source for technology-driven email data solutions.”

Integration of products and services begins immediately, with TowerData clients gaining access to FreshAddress’s SafeToSend® and SafeToSend+ email verification, hygiene, and monitoring services, the most powerful and accurate offering available, while FreshAddress clients will benefit from the over 1 billion monthly signals fueling TowerData’s Email Activity Metrics to help further clean and protect their customer databases. Together, the companies will leverage their ever-growing data assets to continue adding features to their global Email Verification and Deliverability services, expanding coverage of Identity Matching and Email Intelligence services, and accelerating their Fraud Prevention program.

“We’re excited to be joining forces with TowerData, a company we’ve partnered with since their early beginnings,” said Bill Kaplan, “Our two businesses have successfully helped companies and nonprofits maximize their engagement, revenues, and profits through email for over twenty years.” By combining our platforms, data assets, and expertise, we will be able to provide our clients with the best tools for protecting and enhancing their email databases through real-time APIs, automated FTP, and via self-service portals.”

“The merger of these two industry leaders provides an opportunity to further expand and set new standards of quality and service that enable marketers to clean, enhance, and safely grow their customer databases,” stated TZP Partner, Rodney Eshelman. “We plan to accelerate growth through product expansion, new product development, and strategic acquisitions to meet the evolving needs of our existing and future clients.”

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