Email Tactics to Increase Conversions

Season 1, Episode 9

Join us for this panel on Email Tactics to Increase Conversions, with moderator Adeola Sole & Kath Pay of Holistic Email Marketing and expert panellists; Lea Palomba, formerly of Monster & Ebay, and Will Devlin of Message Gears.

As usual, there’s lots of laughing in the midst of all the valuable insights shared by the expert panellists. We felt as though we didn’t even get started on this topic, as there’s so much to discuss and debate! But, we made a very good start with the topics below being some of the ones we discussed.

Oh, and look out for an almost-guest appearance by Will’s dog.

● How important testing is when it comes to increasing conversions and identifying tactics that work
● Why it’s well worth testing to gain learnings and not just determine a winning version
● The elements to test that will give you the biggest impact. And how if you use a hypothesis, you can test multiple elements within the same test
● There is always a learning to be taken from a test even if it’s not statistically significant
● Are all conversions the same?
● Why it’s important to stay focused on the objective of the email as this will inform the subject line, the CTA’s, the metrics to be measured.
● What the best metric is to use to measure success
● The pluses and minuses of using Incentives
● And much more!

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