MailUp Acquired 70% of Acumbamail

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MailUp recently announced the acquisition of 70% of Acumbamail, with the option to acquire the remaining 30% of the company 3 years after signing the agreement. Acumbamail is the email marketing company in Spain. Founded in 2012, the startup has experienced sales growth of over 200% (2014 on 2013) and EBITDA of approximately 30% (2014).

After the acquisition, Acumbamail founders Rafael Cabanillas Carrillo e Ignacio Arriaga Sanchez will keep their roles as managing directowhile Giandomenico Sica, MailUp Partner, will join the company as BD chairman. The acquisition is of strategic nature and does not have a relevant financial impact.

Ignasicio Arriaga, Acumbamail co­founder, said: “We are very proud of the goals achieved so far: with a great team of only four we are managing more than 650 paying clients. We are happy to contribute our clients, technology and product to the MailUp portfolio and to share our know­how about the Spanish email marketing market. I think this is a great opportunity to expand Acumbamail’s business together with MailUp”.

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