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FreshAddress announces the acquisition and re-launch of Emailium, an email design and competitive research tool. A completely searchable database of millions of email messages across more than 9,000 brands over the past five years; it is updated in real-time, giving marketers an edge over their competition. Emailium is changing the way email marketers find creative inspiration, research competitors, and monitor deployments.

Email marketers can search Emailium’s database by industry, company, subject line, body text, color, send date, or ESP. Rather than just static screenshots, each creative is interactive, viewable with and without images, and includes full HTML source code. All data can be exported for analysis of trends. Advanced features include creation and maintenance of a personalized archive and database of triggered emails, and insider quarterly reports.

Originally developed in 2009 by James Paden, FreshAddress recently acquired and expanded the service.

Marketers representing major ecommerce sites, digital creative agencies, and ESPs are all dedicated Emailium users.

“Emailium currently captures the deployments of over 20 ESPs across 140 industries. We’re proud to be offering one of the most comprehensive email creative databases available today,” said FreshAddress president Austin Bliss. “In such a data driven world, access to Emailium will transform a marketer’s approach to email campaigns.”

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