$1.5MN for Sigstr a WiseStamp for the Enterprise

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Sigstr, an email signature marketing platform, announced recently it has raised an additional $1.5 million in capital from leading software executives. The round, led by Indianapolis-based 4G Ventures’ Managing Partner, Bill Godfrey, also includes San Francisco-based Steve Goodman, angel investor, and Eduardo Vivas, Head of Talent Solutions, LinkedIn; Brandon Cruz, President and Co-Founder, GoHealth; Matt Adkisson, angel investor; and High Alpha Capital.

The infusion of capital will allow Sigstr the opportunity to rapidly innovate upon its email signature marketing platform, accelerate hiring and talent development, support its growing list of enterprise customers with additional onboarding services, and fuel sales and marketing efforts.

“I’m delighted to invest in Sigstr and am incredibly excited that Sigstr has created a new channel for marketers in companies of all sizes across all industries,” said Bill Godfrey, Managing Partner at 4G Ventures and Co-Founder, former CEO, Aprimo. “I am very impressed with our leadership team’s vision to unleash email signature marketing as the gateway for employees and companies to get more out of every email send.”

“High Alpha is proud to continue investing in Sigstr. This round of capital came together very quickly with involvement from world-class SaaS executives, which is a great indicator of not only Sigstr’s tremendous market potential, but its rock solid leadership,” said Mike Fitzgerald, Partner at High Alpha.

“Sigstr is thrilled to add Bill Godfrey and Brandon Cruz as investors and board members. Every software CEO hopes to put together an all-star team of investors and advisors, and I’m very grateful that ours is now in place,” said Dan Hanrahan, Founder and CEO, Sigstr. “We created Sigstr with lofty goals to transform how marketers in companies of all sizes leverage employee email communications. With the additional financing, a dream team of investors, and a rock solid product, we’re well on our way.”

Sigstr now has nearly 100 customers and plans to aggressively hire top-level talent to support all functions of the business. For more information on open positions, visit: http://www.sigstr.com/company. Nely Bonar

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