Email Mafia for Deliverability Co. 250ok

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If you watched closely you may have noticed there have been some big changes over at 250ok, the deliverability monitoring platform started by Greg Kraios.

In addition to some talented recent Grads we see a management team with a significant experience in the industry coming together under the 250ok banner. Tim Moore was Director of Deliverability Strategy for Oracle for nearly two years before coming on board at 250ok as VP of Customer Solutions, prior to Oracle Tim was doing a similar role at MessageBus.

Where others may experience failure or loss, others discover opportunity, which seems to be the case for Greg Kraios in the wake of the firesale of MessageBus to SendGrid. Paul Midgen formerly the CEO of MessageBus, joined 250ok as the VP of Product. Prior to MessageBus he had spent several years at Hotmail where he was responsible for anti-spam strategy and inbound delivery as Senior Program Manager.

Finally we see Jeff Hansen, who spent several months at another email delivery startup EmailCopilot, before joining the 250ok team as VP of Sales. Formerly the Director of New Business Development at ReturnPath. 8 years experience at the competitor that 250ok is targetting is sure to prove to be invaluable for the company dubbed “250ok: The Inbox Placement Alternative to Return Path”.

Under the leadership of Greg Kraios with 10 years as a senior industry figure, the team whilst small is a veritable email tech mafia. Greg Kraios was Manager of ISP Relations at ExactTarget, a behemoth of an ESP serving the needs of many of the largest brands around the world.

This year coming will be a big year for companies in the deliverability space and more entrants are anticipated. Indianapolis based 250ok is helping re-energise the deliverability and reputation monitoring space.  By smart utilisation of big data they assist email marketers to both maximize Inbox placement and identify revenue-impacting issues. 250ok are one to watch.

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