Malcovery: Top 10 Phished Brands That Your Antivirus is Missing

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Malcovery released the latest ‘Top 10 Phished Brands That Your Antivirus is Missing,’ a report that discloses brands that are most exploited by cyber criminals in phishing attacks with malicious spam. Malcovery delivers Today’s Top Threats (T3), threat analysis throughout the day, which informs enterprises of emerging cybersecurity threats found in spam email messages.

Email continues to be the number one threat vector in enterprise, despite the current ‘detect and respond’ infrastructure in place intended to stop it. According to industry analysts and leading pundits, “Email continues to be the most common attack vector” (Gartner), “Email attacks were the primary mechanism to deploy malware into enterprises either directly or indirectly.” (Verizon), and “67% of the time in large enterprises, email was the direct vector” (Verizon).

To combat attacks against phished brands identified in this report, and in general against all types of malware attached to email, Malcovery Security delivers Today’s Top Threats™, or T3, a SaaS threat intelligence service that includes both a daily report as well as machine readable threat intelligence (MRTI) to provide information security teams with in-depth intelligence about emerging threats that pose an imminent danger to an enterprise network.

As enterprises are moving from a traditional, reactive ‘detect and respond’ stance to an ‘intelligence–led’ prevention approach, enterprise security professionals, such as those in incident response organizations, can protect their networks more proactively from emerging threats that pose imminent danger. Addressing this change in the market, Malcovery recently released a white paper entitled “Fortify Your Network Protection with Actionable Intelligence using Today’s Top Threats,” available as a free download at (registration required)Nely Bonar Nely Bonar

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