Email & More: A Q&A with… Adeola Sole of Holistic Email, Nancy Weaver of LexisNexis, Skip Fidura and Kath Pay of Holistic Email.

Season 1, Episode 4

Get ready for some stimulating and sometimes almost heated discussion on email metrics. With some incredibly exciting (well, Kath found them to be exciting) questions from the audience, we’re sure you’ll walk away with some food for thought after watching this highly engaging panel Q&A.

Topics discussed include:

● The ‘must-measure’ metric
● Difficulty of measuring some metrics
● Why we tend to measure open rates as a key metric
● How do you measure conversion rate?
● Why ESP’s measure their open rates differently and the confusion it can cause
● Under-attribution of email marketing and the factors that contribute to this dilemma
● The problems caused by email delivering such high ROI (yes- that’s what we discussed!)
● Why focusing on your objective is key to knowing what metrics to measure
● How Covid-19 has affected email and its metrics
● Whether email is being seen as a star throughout Covid-19
● How long should we measure a campaign for?
● Has Covid-19 affected our strategies at all?
● and more!

“Great presenters – great content – a lot to think about. Thank you for making this available.”

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