Email Lifecycle Marketing

Email & More: A Q&A with… Adeola Sole & Kath Pay of Holistic Email Marketing, Mark Ash from Pure360, and Ryan Phelan from Origin Email

Season 1, Episode 2

In this fun and informative panel moderator Adeola Sole of Holistic Email Marketing quizzes expert panellists; Kath Pay, CEO of Holistic Email Marketing, Mark Ash, CEO of Pure360, and Ryan Phelan, CEO of Origin Email all about Email Lifecycle Marketing.

When you bring 3 CEO’s, with a combined 60 plus years’ experience in email marketing, we were sure some gems would surface, and we weren’t disappointed.

Topics discussed include:
● How lifecycle marketing is a form of personalisation
● Where do you start when implementing lifecycle programmes
● How you test your lifecycle programmes, and why you want to test them
● What you can do during this Covid period where you may be lacking in behavioural data
● How and when is best to ask your subscribers for more information
● How best to start within minimal budget, a small team and no spare time or resources
● How helpful marketing or the utilitarian approach can help both you and your customer
● The different way to personalise and whether you need a tech team to personalise
● And much more!

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