More than 270B emails are sent each day and are the center of many consumer and enterprise workflows. However, the content within these messages is still limited – messages are static, can become out of date, and are not actionable without opening a browser. With this in mind, dynamic mail was created. Dynamic mail modernizes and enhances email by facilitating the creation of messages that deliver and update real-time information and allow consumers to take interactive actions directly within the email. This technology enables email senders to provide more engaging, interactive, and actionable user experiences, while keeping users safe. Join an expert from Gmail to learn how major brands have already seen a 100% increase in clicks using this technology and how you can engage your audiences in a new way.


Naina Raisinghani, Google AMP Product Manager

Naina Raisinghani is a Product Manager on the AMP Project. She focuses on helping developers be more productive with AMP. She previously spent 2 years as a Software Engineer on the Chrome team working on making the rendering engine pixel perfect.

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