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Emailexpert Welcomes New Members and Invites Companies to help Shape the Future of Email Marketing

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I am thrilled to announce the recent addition of both Postmastery and DMARC Advisor to the Emailexpert Marketing Consortium over the past two months. A few weeks ago I advised that I would be focussing my efforts almost exclusively on Emailexpert and helping the organisation achieve its goals however ensuring a steady stream of ARR is key to this becoming a reality. The paid emailexpert Marketing Consortium is a way in which organisations in the email marketing and infrastructure space can receive incredible value whilst helping meet emailexperts financial obligations.

These new memberships reaffirm my confidence that the organisation is able to become a sustainable enterprise, that the community nurtured over a period of 15 years is ready to support us on that journey.

DMARC Advisor and Postmasterys recent membership illustrates the continued growth of emailexpert and a commitment towards fostering a collaborative environment within the email marketing industry and deliver more learning and networking opportunities online and in person. This strategic expansion is set to enhance our collective capabilities and drive innovation across the board.

For a fixed annual fee organisations of all sizes can avail of a wide range of benefits whilst investing as little or as much time into the community as their resources allow. Regardless, emailexpert will champion their brand 24/7/365. In addition emailexpert sets aside some of its resources to collaborate on industry projects, research papers and similar.

Our organisation has incredibly low overheads considering our global reach. Not employing sales teams is part of this frugal approach. As such not everyone who should know about this opportunity will hear about it, I would appreciate it if you could pass it on.

Benefits of Joining the Emailexpert Consortium

By joining the Emailexpert Marketing Consortium, your organisation gains access to a wealth of benefits designed to amplify your influence in the email marketing realm and beyond:

  • Visibility Boost: Enjoy an enhanced listing on, along with your logo and link prominently displayed, ensuring high visibility within the community. Part of membership fee´s are used towards community paid promotions, marketing and merchandise like the sticker sets seen above.
  • Content Leadership: Gain guest posting opportunities on and our affiliated sites, allowing you to share your expert insights and elevate your industry stature.
  • Event Engagement: List your own events on and host sessions within our online member community, connecting you directly with potential clients and partners.
  • Marketing and PR Support: Receive extensive marketing support including distribution of press releases on to highlight key achievements and offerings.
  • Learning and Development: Benefit from online training and certification for your team, enhancing skills and knowledge in key areas of email marketing.
  • Networking Opportunities: Access to exclusive group Zoom meetings and collaboration on industry research and reports, helping you stay at the forefront of email marketing trends and developments.
  • Event Sponsorship: Become a supporting sponsor at every Emailexpert event, increasing your brand’s exposure and demonstrating your commitment to the industry.
  • Event Visibility: Emailexpert will distribute your small merchandising and materials on site at our events. Even those your unable to attend in person.

A Call to Join Us

We invite all companies operating within the email marketing space to consider joining the Emailexpert Marketing Consortium. Participate in an active community of thought leaders and innovators who are working towards shaping a new future for email marketing. As we continue to welcome new members, each bringing unique perspectives and expertise, our consortium is becoming an ever more powerful tool for driving success collectively.

Join Us and Propel Your Business Forward

Seize this opportunity to elevate your organisation’s profile whilst supporting our communities strategic growth.

For more information on membership benefits and how to join, please the website at or contact me directly.

Together, we can help shape the future of email marketing!

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