Specialist in marketing communications for email and digital marketing companies and trade publishers. Content priorities include mass and trade-media news-writing, in-house and customer newsletters, blog posts, white papers and news releases. Flexible operations allow for fast turnaround when needed. I work from scratch or from your notes or drafts.

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Get over your bad self, honey. Better yet, find a dictionary and a copy of the Constitution and refresh your memory. https://twitter.com/fugitivemama/status/1540363279687507969

Fortunately I don't talk much in this podcast but @Gavygav and @kathpay have LOTS to say about thought leadership. Tune in!

[email protected] kicked off #EISConf in a big way - how we survived covid, where we should be going and why intent matters in #emailmarketing.

This is the best thread you'll read all day. And yes, I did just look up at the Hopper repro over my fireplace. Yep, it's true.

Hey Ronny, Dr. Fauci has mild symptoms because he’s vaccinated and boosted. He’s not going to die from Covid like the 3,553 of your constituents who did, most of them unvaccinated. How many of their funerals did you [email protected]

Time for your midyear #email checkup! Use @ryanpphelan's 3-word strategy to revisit or set your 2022 priorities. Read his advice in @OnlyInfluencers: https://buff.ly/3MAqPGm

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