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Free Webinar: How to unleash the testing power of your emails

You create and send regular emails to your database as part of your marketing channel mix. You no doubt run tests on what works best to improve your email marketing. But do you use your emails to test hypotheses that could inform and improve your other channels – such as PPC ads, website copy and page design, banner ads – to improve engagement and conversion rates?

Aimed at marketing professionals looking to push the power of their email marketing, this FREE webinar reveals how to leverage the testing ability of your emails to improve the performance of your other marketing acquisition an conversion channels.

Your email database contains the valuable opinion of prospects and customers already engaged in your brand. This webinar will be packed full of practical tips and advice on how to use your email channel as a testing ground to derive useful insights.

You will learn how to

  • select the factors you can best test within your emails, not everything can be tested
  • build a hypothesis into your emails, to drive the actions that provide the answers you’re looking for
  • use a push channel such as email to inform and improve pull channel performance
  • interpret the results of your email tests and apply the learnings

Delivered by international email marketing trainer and Holistic Email Marketing’s CEO, Kath Pay, sign up now to learn how you can gain valuable insights from a channel you are already spending time and budget on.

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