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The Netcore Inbox Expo 2021 Spring Edition

Email Strategy Untamed

Maximise the ROI on your email by applying a proper strategy Speaker Dela Quist, Founder and CEO, Alchemy Worx

Email for the Future

More than 270B emails are sent each day and are the center of many consumer and enterprise workflows. However, the content within these messages is

The latest in spam and filtering stats for 2021

Panelists Rob McEwen, Founder & CEO, invaluementCarel Bitter, Head of Data, SpamhausSteve Freegard, Senior Product Owner, Abusix, IncKevin A. McGrail, Principal Evangelist DitoMichelle Sullivan, Staff

Dirty data and how to prevent it

A practical guide to how to maintain your DB, keep your records healthy and data clean. Filled with take-aways. Speaker Quint Wapenaar, E-mail Developer, 100%EMAIL

The Chilli Challenge

Skip Fidura hosts the Chilli Challenge and finds out how hot they can handle it! Speakers Komal Helyer, George Schlossnagle, Skip Fidura