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Deliverability Summit

Raymond Dijkxhoorn

The Blocklists Want a Chat

Raymond Dijkxhoorn, co-Founder SURBL has something to say to Marketers and Marketing platforms Speaker Raymond Dijkxhoorn, Co-founder, SURBL


Authentication Deep Dive

With a solid understanding of the basics a ‘Deep Dive’ into headers. Importance of Sender, From & Reply-To Email Headers with Zakir Shaikh of StopSpoof

How to grow your list Safely

Jim Tinney. Luke Glasner and special guests Janet Roberts and Jennifer Nespola Lantz discuss whether the size of your list is really want counts and

Email Benchmark 2020

A look at the learnings from 50 Billion emails sent post Covid-19 special guests Ryan Phelan and Chris Marriott Speakers Tejas Pitkar, Product Marketing, Netcore

Ask the Experts: Let’s Talk Spam

The founder of the Invaluement blocklist, Rob McEwen and Email Guy Chaitinya Chinta talk spam and take questions. Speakers Rob McEwen, Founder & CEO, invaluement

Deliverability (mini) Summit – Tejas Pitkar

Deliverability (mini) Summit – Tejas Pitkar Building credibility at mailbox providers to ensure good deliverability in a fractured MBP landscape Speaker: Tejas Pitkar, Deliverability Leader,

Email Marketing Matters in MENAP

Email Marketing Matters in MENAP Is email marketing really important in the region? Should it be front and centre and what are the special considerations?