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What is the best email marketing platform for WooCommerce

What to look for in an email marketing software for your WordPress Woo-Commerce site

Choosing the best email marketing platform for WooCommerce is not as simple as picking the most popular available extension. A reliable email marketing platform is a vital part of any e-commerce business, and the decision is not one to be taken lightly. Weighing up the core features, price and ease of use against the needs of your business is an excellent place to begin your search.

It is crucial when you are considering an email marketing solution for your business that you recognise what the core role of the platform is. Email marketing exists to build a relationship between you and your customer. When that relationship is strong, you can anticipate what your customer is wanting and can craft communications that make it simple for them to continue along your customer journey – ultimately leading to increased revenue. 

In 2020 the best email marketing platform WooCommerce will include features such as;

  • – Automations
  • – Customer Segmentation and Advanced Tagging
  • – GDPR Compliance
  • – Full Email List Management including unsubscribes and opt-ins
  • – Analytics and Reporting

How do I choose the best email marketing integration for my WooCommerce store?

An email marketing platform that works best for your business is one that will match with what you want to achieve and has the features to allow you to do this. The type of business that you operate will also determine the feature set that you require. For example, a business coach that sells a one-off high-value product of one-on-one coaching needs an email marketing system that carefully nurtures the shopper along the customer journey, tracks their engagement and tags them appropriately. This allows the right email to reach their inbox at the most timely moment for their one-off purchase decision-making event. In contrast, a business that has a lower value, higher volume product, such as a stationery store will want to ensure they follow up on abandoned carts and offer opportunistic coupons to their shoppers. Each of these scenarios requires a different approach to email marketing.

The best email integration to use with your Shopify store will be one that has the previously mentioned features as well as matches with the way that you work as a business. For example, a fruit box home delivery service, where the delivery driver is the store owner and talks to the customers when she drops off her produce may have different needs to an international jewellery retailer. Both of these Shopify retailers need to communicate with their customers. However, the time that they have to set up email marketing software, the nature of other customer interactions, the lifetime value of the customer is all different. So, of course, these two businesses will have different needs and approaches to email marketing.

How do email marketing automations work WooCommerce?

The first step is connecting your WordPress Woo Commerce store with the email marketing platform that you have chosen –  this can be done either through a native Woo Commerce integration, a third-party app like Zapier or by your web developer. The next step is to identify what critical moments in your customer journey could lead to more sales for your brand. Once this is determined you can set up tag or unique identifiers that match that action on your site and a workflow (often called a recipe) of automated emails. 

For example, an identified repeat customer clicks on your sales email three times but does not make a purchase. You then send the customer an email with a discount code to be used to encourage them to continue shopping and finalise a purchase.

What email marketing tools are compatible with WooCommerce?

Aside from the native WooCommerce extensions (Woo Commerce Follow Ups and Automate Woo) there are also WooCommerce extensions for the following email marketing platforms:

Zapier also integrates with Woo Commerce providing a third party option for connecting other email marketing platform. 

What free email marketing software can I use with my WordPress website? 

Almost all the email marketing apps on the Shopify store are free to install or offer a free trial. The most popular free Shopify email marketing platforms are SmartrMail, Privy and Seguano however, as with any free plan, there are limits to either send volume, template access or automations and customer segmentation. 

Is Mail Chimp the best email marketing platform for WooCommerce?

The reason that WooCommerce users are most often Mailchimp users says more about the sheer volume users on both of the platforms that the sophistication of the integrations between the platforms. Mailchimp is the most popular entry-level email marketing platform, and it does integrate admirably with Woo Commerce. However, if you are looking for sophisticated tagging and automations, then Mailchimp is not the best option for your WooCommerce shop.

Woo Commerce is by far the most popular e-commerce platform for WordPress websites. However, to make any e-commerce reach its potential, an email marketing strategy is essential. Woocommerce users may need to work a little harder to integrate and set up their email marketing platform due to the limited number of native integrations; however, it is well worth the effort for the e-commerce entrepreneur. 


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