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My Favourite Email Marketing Tools

There are plenty of online marketing techniques out there today such as facebook marketing, twitter, instagram marketing and so forth. However there is one digital marketing technique that has stood the test of time for me, providing over impressive results in my decade long career online; and that is email marketing.

The reason why I believe email marketing kicks the crap out of all those other types of marketing techniques is that you are in control and own your channel.

For example, if your primary purpose is to market through social media, what happens if those accounts get removed or the algorithm changes? Your business goes down the tubes.

However if you utilise permission email marketing correctly, no one in the world can remove your email list, particularly the relationship with your email list.

Therefore email marketing is a skill that I believe everyone should try and master or at the very least become better informed about.

In my experience, and I have produced significant revenue growth using email marketing as the primary strategy for improved ROI. I’ve earned income through email marketing when I was travelling around the world using nothing but my laptop. I’ve earned income while I was lying by a pool in a luxury resort and I’ve done it on conjunction with my other businesses.

I’m not saying this to brag but to explain that email marketing works and is accessible.

Email Marketing Campaigns

In terms of the email campaigns that I usually send to my own database, they usually come under of the following broad categories, a glimpse at these may give you some ideas.

Product Launches

This is a very common form of email campaign I tend to use whenever I’m promoting my latest product. For example, when I finish creating a new product, I simply write an email talking about the product I’m about to launch.

I make sure that the content that I write is personal, it’s authentic and real. Nothing is worse than receiving an email that’s cold, written like it’s from a robot and there’s no personality behind it.

Once I write this email, I simply include the link to visit that new product and then a certain percentage of people will make the purchase.

Special Deals

This is another form of email marketing which is promoting the latest deal on my various products and services. I usually launch these email campaigns when there is a global event such as a Valentines day, Christmas day, Easter Holiday etc. People are festive during these times and if you run a promotion based on those days then people will take action since it’s a special day and it’s limited to a short period of time. In my experience, launching special deals works like a charm.

Affiliate Sales

When you partner up with various businesses, you can promote their products and services through your own database using affiliate links. Affiliate links is a special link where if people click on it and make a purchase, you automatically earn a commission. For example, if I were to promote someone’s design services worth $1000, I may earn between $100 – $300 if someone makes the purchase.

When you add these affiliate sales to your email marketing campaign, you will find that you’ll earn passive income without selling any products of your own.

Relationship Building

This is one of the most overlooked but important aspects of effective email marketing and its relationship building. If you don’t have a relationship with your list, then no one will trust you and you won’t get any results from your email list. Having a list of only 1,000 people of people who know who you are and what you do will pay you dividends rather than people who don’t know who you are. Therefore I always make sure I build a strong relationship with the people on my email list first before I ever promote any of my products / services to them.

Email Marketing Tools

Below are the following email marketing tools that I’ve used that has helped with my campaigns.


This is my #1 email marketing software I use today which is GetResponse. In comparison to the other email marketing software I’ll describe later, GetResponse has all the features that an email marketer needs at an affordable rate. GetResponse also comes with other marketing features such as webinars, auto funnels, templates and more.

There are competitors offering similar offerings such as Aweber and Mailchimp but with GetResponse, it seems to provide more value in terms of how many people you can store in your email list and how much it will cost.


Aweber would definitely come second to GetResponse because of it’s popularity and ease of use.

When I first started out using Aweber, it was so easy to use and to build an email list with. However over time, my email list grew and I had to figure out how to maintain my budget in building this list. I like Aweber because it’s so easy to use and integrate with your website. There’s plenty of features in terms of cleaning your list, importing users and also sending out templated emails to your database.

There are plenty of competitors out there but Aweber has stood the test of time in terms of quality and delivery.


The third tool I would recommend would be Mailchimp. Many people use mailchimp because it’s barrier of entry – free. You can sign up to mail chimp and start building your email list for free. This is a huge attractor factor behind mail chimp due to his free entry.

However there is limitations behind this and it’s the cost of sending out emails.

Mailchimp can limit how many emails you can send per month and if you go over that threshold, then you would obviously have to pay extra for that. It’s a different type of model but that’s the way it is. With mail chimp, I would highly recommend testing email marketing using this software first to get a feel for it. Then once you’ve gotten the hang of it, move over to a platform described before and then build your solid foundation.


Email marketing is one of the most important skills you can ever master as a digital marketer. One of the biggest takeaways I’ve learned since I started email marketing over 15 years ago is that your email list is untouchable by outside influences. Technology changes, industries change, companies go bankrupt that can disrupt your business.

However if you have an email list of people who know you and trust you, you can carry this list in a USB which is worth thousands, if not millions of dollars without declaring anything at the airport. You can literally earn income from anywhere around the world, purely through email marketing.


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