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Lyris recently released the “Buyer’s Guide to Email Solutions for Publishing Media and Entertainment Companies.” The guide helps publishing, media and entertainment (PME) companies capitalize on industry best practices to effectively select and implement audience-messaging solutions that fit their unique needs and drive revenue growth.

The PME industry has seen its world transformed by the rapid pace of digital change. However, a recent publisher study from FOLIO revealed that many PMEs are still struggling with the fundamentals of digital messaging. Seventy-nine percent of survey respondents said they don’t have a strategy to re-engage inactive subscribers, and 40 percent are still not optimizing emails based on analytics, even though email messaging remains consumer’s preferred interaction channel. As such, this guide aims to help these industries bridge the challenge of adopting customer-centric audience messaging by selecting the best-fit email solution provider.

“Today’s digital technologies, like mobile devices and social media, are changing how and when consumers interact with media content. Because of this, the way in which publishers engage audiences must adapt,” said Alex Lustberg, CMO, Lyris. “To address these challenges, Lyris has developed the Buyer’s Guide to Email Solutions to help publishing, media and entertainment companies seize new revenue opportunities with modern audience messaging that will outperform competitors.”

The guide addresses the following topics:

  •     Why PMEs are investing in upgrading audience messaging capabilities now
  •     Key audience messaging goals and business priorities for PMEs
  •     Evaluation criteria used by many PMEs when choosing a best-fit audience messaging solution
  •     Building the business case for investing in audience messaging

You can download the guide here: (registration required)

Nely Bonar

Nely Bonar

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