Getting the Call-To-Action right for email

There are 3 main steps in the conversion process within email.

1: Convert to open

2: Convert to click

3: Convert to final objective (generally on landing page)

In this post, we’re focusing on #2 and #3.

When creating call-to-actions, be mindful of the fact that email is a Push Channel and the website is a Pull Channel – a key difference which is often taken into consideration when planning your digital marketing strategies, however, is oft-forgotten when creating call-to-actions for emails.

With a pull channel such as a website – the customer is there because they have been pulled to the website by a task and have a mission to fulfil – whether it’s buying or researching before buying.

Whereas with a push channel such as email, we the marketer, are pushing our offers to them and suggesting ‘Would you like’, ‘why not consider’….

So why is this important to keep in mind when crafting a call-to-action for email?

Simply because call-to-actions are the trigger for an action and we need to ensure that we’re asking them to take the most appropriate action based upon where they’re at within the buying journey. If the trigger isn’t appropriate for where they’re at in the purchase funnel, they’re less likely to convert.

For example, if we ask them to ‘Buy Now’ within an email, we would probably see less conversions than if we had asked them to “Check out what’s new”. Not only is ‘Check out what’s new” an easier ask for them, but it is more appropriate for where they’re at in the customer journey. They don’t necessarily have a burning desire for the product we have presented to them…yet.  Generally we could say they’re close to the top of the purchase funnel.

Once we’ve succeeded in converting them to click, they’ve now been taken to our website, ecommerce site or landing page where our aim is to convert them to the final objective – download/buy/register.  Our call-to-actions need to now reflect that they’re now on a pull channel. Their interest has been spiked and they are further down the purchase funnel and the call-to-action needs to reflect this.

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